November 23, 2010

I'm Sharing at Communion this Wednesday and my Thoughts are Focused.

I'm getting my notes and thoughts around for our Communion service here on Wednesday. It follows our Commitment to Purity Night that we are doing here with our Student Ministries. I'm humbled and I'm immensely blessed at the opportunity to share from the platform with the larger context of the church. It excites and yet it makes my stomach twist. But I know that God has made me ready for this next task. As I do with any message, I am trying to sift through the things that I want to say and the things that I need to say as I communicate what God is challenging me to communicate.

We are going to share stories.
We are going to worship together.
We are going to remember the passion of Christ.
We are going to stop. reflect. and give thanks for all that He has bestowed upon us.

His beauty and passion is expressed by His people in their remembrance of His Story. That is something that I want to embody each and every day.

Join us for Communion on Wednesday. I'm ready to stop. and. remember. His Story.


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