November 9, 2010

10 Quick Hits/Thoughts Going on Right Now in my life.

I have so much to say and not enough time to say it. But here are some quick hits:

  1. Sex is the grossest distortion of something so beautiful in the history of mankind.
  2. As Christians in a very sexualized world, we have illegitamized our relationship with God by legitamizing our relationships with others which has led us to make less of an effort to please God in order to be more pleasing to those around us.
  3. Christians have become way to Hellbent and have forgotten what it means, on many levels, to be HeavenScent.
  4. God has established Marriage as a way to help us be better, not so that we feel better.
  5. When we are driven by fear or doubt, we have no control of the direction we may be heading, but when we are driven by grace and hope we can be certain of the destination that we are heading.
  6. God is Good.
  7. Writing can be a very free-ing expression of the human character.
  8. I'm too philosophical for this job.
  9. I'm not philosophical enough for this job.
  10. I am not, but I know I AM.


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