October 5, 2010

Quit Making Excuses. God has a Plan.


They are all given by God to equip us for every good work that He has prepared in advance for us to complete. And yet, I have seen more and more a hesitation to complete these tasks. A complication in the process of leveraging what we have for the glory of God.

Why do we do that?
Why do we look at what God has given us and think, "Eh. I'm not sure God wants me to use this gift right now. I just don't think that I'm the person for this job."

God seems to be taking me through this process of preaching to myself. I have this innate ability to sell myself short and at the same time consider myself much more capable than I am. It's my constant struggle with Pride and Self-loathing. But, I know that I'm not the only one. And if I am, tough nuggets. I think it's everybody so I'm going to write this to everybody.

We are so darn good and making ourselves believe that the lies that Satan puts in our ears about our abilities, our gifts and the passions that God has put in our heart are illegitimate and could never be used to do anything of significance. We find ourselves unfulfilled, untested and ineffective because we stop believing in ourselves. We cripple ourselves by believing the crap that Satan sends our way and we partake in.

Two things we need to recognize:
1. God made you and I for a specific, specialized, significant purpose, we just need help seeing it sometimes.
2. When you are making excuses as to why you could never be the person to make that happen, children are dying, people are losing hope, and the rest of the Body is waiting on you to do your part.

The crazy thing is that this is all about simply following God. Pursuing Him in every way possible. If that means standing up and getting out of your seat to go help someone at the local soup kitchen, great. If that means taking a position that you may "not be ready for" then so be it. But we need to recognize that our insignificance can be significant in the Kingdom of God. So let's stop making excuses for whatever He is putting in front of you.


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