October 11, 2010

A New Dedication to Discipleship

In my life, I have noticed that there really isn't a conversation that I'm not willing to jump into. This has proven to be devastating and helpful all in the same time. Devastating for the original conversation and the person that now hates me for destroying their "awesome" conversation (clearly, it couldn't be that good. I hadn't entered it yet.) and helpful in the sense that I get to exercise my ability to hold a conversation. Actually, there have been a few conversations that I have been in that have helped me know a few new things about where I want to choose to take my life.

Tonight, I am getting together with some guys that I have began a bit of a tradition with that includes wings, Cherry Pepsi, usually broccoli bites (if Corey gets them) and some good ole conversation. The crazy thing about this meeting is that it has just been about us connecting together and sharing our lives with each other, sometimes. And we would challenge each other to live more like Jesus and push ourselves to be more like the person that God has called us to be, sometimes. I say sometimes, because sometimes, I choose to miss #MondayNights. I do it because I am selfish and have decided that there is something better to do other than spending time with the guys.

What is ironic, is that I have been that pastor that pushes you to get into a small group whether you want to or not and hounds you down when I hear you weren't at your small group; gets really frustrated when you decide to choose other things over your small group and generally come across as this legalistic, frustrating and abrasive guy that doesn't really care what you were doing that you couldn't be at small groups.

Well, I have decided // to follow Jesus. No, just kidding. I have decided to dedicate myself to something that I really don't have any idea how to accomplish. I am dedicating myself to putting in the time to develop relationships beyond what they are now. I am confirming in myself the calling to do life with another human being and doing it at a level that I would only do with the closest of people.

As I have made this decision, I have recognized that I have to make this something that I want to do. I can't make it something that I have to do. Even in my own psyche, I have to make it something that I want to do. So, tonight, when we get into the knitty-gritty and we start to lay out plans and we start to develop a small group, I'm going to dive in; I'm going to express my need for something more in life and what I want to see our small group become. Because I'm part of this group and I want it to mean something in my life.

So, here's my lesson. I need to start helping people see the importance of doing life together in a setting that they can do life together. These things don't start as programs every time. They can, but the best ones start because people decide to take things to a new level.

What things are you doing to intentionally do life with people?
What things are already in place right now that you simply need to recognize your needs and express those needs in order to want that more in your life?


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