October 6, 2010

The Cancer that will destroy The Body

In my life, when I have had a beef with someone else, I generally look at them and pick apart all of the things that grind my gears about them. I would go through my day, manufacturing their thoughts, giving them words that would never exit their mouth and make them out to be the bad guy. Naturally, I could do no wrong in the situation and I became the victim of all of their lack, excess or annoyance. Of course I would never tell them about it, electing to stew on it and continue to build my malice and frustration against them as my iron clad case began to form. The reality is, there was a cancer forming in my heart.

It's fast.
It's divisive.
It's powerful.
And it's completely avoidable.

Unresolved Conflict.

It's the cancer that runs rampant inside our lives that destroys relationships, creates more problems than it solves, and  can be downright stupid.

I'm convinced that it can be the most destructive force in building the Body of Christ up. The inability for people to man-up and address the issues that are coming between them and someone else is huge. The thing of it is, admitting that perhaps the issue is not with them but with you can be one of the more difficult things to tackle. But it is so important that it happens.

A short one today, but only because this is a topic that simply needs some humility and self-examination applied to it in order to be rectified. The fact is that we all know how to deal with conflict. Some of us might get cold sweats thinking about conflict. But we all know how to deal with it. It comes down to a simple principle.

Conflict is not a one way issue. Make sure you're loosening your reigns in the situation as well.

Now, the difficult part in all of this is recognizing where we need to change and implementing things to help you overcome your pride and the issues that you need to deal with. It is foolish to think that the other person is the only one with the issues.

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