September 17, 2010

Leadership Friday & a Return to Blogging

I'm slightly frustrated with myself as I write this. Mainly, because I have been neglecting the ole' blog and the opportunity to razz my coworkers that have blogs but don't blog if I don't keep mine up. Frankly, I just get excited about poking fun at Chris and Dave anytime I possibly can. Blogging is just one of those constants, one of those things that I know I can have in my back pocket, just in case.

Obviously, I know that that entire paragraph is quite ridiculous, prideful and downright sadistic in nature (it's not that sadistic, I really just wanted to use the word) but at times it is fun to poke a little bit at the lack of dedication they have to writing their blog. But, here lately, I have had much to say, but no time to write it. Well, that's probably not entirely true, but in between games of Call of Duty, recent sporting events and my own commitments, I haven't had much time to sit down and write.

However, this has made me think, very much, about my schedule and what has happened over the past few weeks. In any decision that we say "yes" to something, ultimately, we say "no" to something else. It's simple logic, but sometimes we don't recognize the depth that this can go.

This year, because of a lack of focus on officiating, I haven't been scheduled for many games outside of my Friday night commitments. Because of this, I have found myself at more soccer games, tennis matches, and volleyball matches than ever before. It really made me think about my priorities and the things that I say "yes" to. I mentioned this in a post from before when talking about some of the things that were facing me and some decisions for the future.

In life, we have to make "priority" decisions in order to be most effective. The fact is, by saying my focus or my priority is on my ministry and the aspects that allow for relationship building, then I must recognize the sacrifice of the other things that are already in front of me or the things that are coming down the chute and I will have to say "no" to when they arrive on my desk (Or phone, depending on how you receive your potential commitments).

Well, it was nice writing. Maybe this will begin a series of Leadership Fridays. But, I'm not sure I'll have time. And right now I can't commit. But, we'll see.

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