September 30, 2010

300,000 Meals for Starving Kids

I'm so excited for this weekend.

My church has decided that doing nothing is not an option and that we are going to do what we can to touch the lives of people we can't see or reach. This is not something new, but this weekend, we are making a major push in ways that we haven't done in a while.

This weekend we are going to pack 300,000 meals for 300,000 kids all over the world so that some kids won't have to go hungry.

Friday night, 240 students, young adults and leaders are going to be working for two hours. I am so pumped to be a part of this.

If you're coming, I'll see you there. If you can't make it or you can't get a time, pray for the kids that will be receiving these meals. Pray that they would know the love of Christ because His Body fed them. I'm convinced, now more than ever, that this is the way that people will come to know that Jesus loves them: When we begin to recognize that Jesus wants to feed the hungry, love the broken and serve those that no one wants to serve.

More on that later. See you on Friday and Saturday!


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