August 13, 2010

I'm Getting Fired Up...

As I've aged (no I'm not a fine wine, yet), I've noticed my passion level for certain things change and fluctuate as I have found my passions sharpened and honed into the focus God has for me. As that has taken place, I've been passionate about opening days for my favorite sports teams, big events that were taking place and moments in my life that I knew were going to be huge. But never before have I been so jacked up about a coming school year and the potential that it carries.

Today, one school has begun it's yearly journey across the school-year calendar. Tonight, football scrimmages begin, marking, for many communities, the start of the school year. Monday, most of the schools in our area begin their takeoff into the 2010-2011 version of the same flight they have been running for many years. For many, this year has the potential to be everything school has ever been. The most hated place in their lives. The place they never want to return to. The place they go to feel on the outside of everyone.

What excites me about this year is the potential that so many students have to step out and make a difference. The opportunity to make a statement to the world that high school doesn't have to be the same that it has been for so many years. That this year will not look like last year at all. That this year is worth seizing for the benefit of God's Kingdom.

This school year has the potential to be huge in many students' lives, I've already met so many new faces in our ministry. I'm even more jacked to meet a ton of new people this year.

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