July 3, 2010

Preparing for Camp!

Monday, we send our Junior Highers to Beulah Beach for Summer Camp 2010 and it's going to be Different. As I think about that, the fact remains that there is another camp that will take place right after that for Senior Highers. I've been thinking about that camp a whole lot. I've been thinking about students, leaders, specific situations and the things that I am doing to try and prepare for camp.

I'm convinced, after my experience in Haiti, whenever we plan on going into anything that will put us on a spiritual high, we need to take extra care to prepare and ready ourselves for what is going to take place.

So, for camp this year, what are you going to do to prepare?
What baggage are you bringing to camp?
What things are you going to be distracted by?
What people do you need to connect with at camp?

Just some thoughts that have been running through my head that might be good for you!


p.s. I'm really excited for camp!

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