June 20, 2010

Travel Post: Some Helpful Info and Thoughts as We Return

After a great night of debriefing and encouragement journals, our time is done in Florida. Here is our itinerary for the rest of the day and our travel today:

7:50am Depart from FLL for ATL
1hr 11min layover in ATL
1:00pm arrival at DTW.

We should arrive at NMC much earlier than 6:00pm. I would put us back closer to 5:00pm.

We will pass the phones around as soon as we leave for NMC from the airport. And then utilize Twitter for the quickest updates.

Ok, enough of the logistics.

After tonight, many of you will have changed kids coming home to you (no one will be coming home the same). I encourage you to prepare for the BEST and make sure to sit down and give them time to explain some of the things that took place on this trip. They should be able to easily describe what happened.

Couple of pointers as you do this:
1. Be Open.
A huge thing for a student will be encouragement and affirmation. This is critical even if you have some doubts!

2. Make Time.
The biggest non-verbal you can give your student at this point is the time of day to listen to their story(ies). They have many and are very excited to share (even though they will be weary when we arrive)!

Your students have done some awesome things and have allowed God to show them many things for their lives. You get to be the next part of that discipleship process now. I'm excited to hear how the process continues!

It has been a great trip and we are excited to see you all! We'll see you in a few hours!


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woodcox5 said...

I am so excited to see what God has done and cannot wait to return to Haiti with Kaleigh as I know her heart is broken for the Haitians just a mine was and still is!