June 8, 2010

My heart hurts...

Saturday, I received a text from Derry letting me know that Theda Dawes had been killed in a car accident. Theda is Cindi Lantz's mom and Kyle, Kory and Kalyn's grandma. I interacted with Theda a few times at BC Basketball games and other functions with the Lantz's. Needless to say, I was shocked and immediately pondering all the questions that go along with that kind of tragic event. Why? How? What can I do?

In the days following, my thoughts and prayers have found two specific focii: Haiti and the Lantz's.

The things that is so awesome to me is the level of groundedness I have come to expect from this family. They never lose hope in the One that gives them Hope.

This letter from Kory to his grandma is just another evidence of this. I'm impressed and broken hearted for this family and even more confident that He is going to work through this family, yet again, in crazy ways.

Pray for them.


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