March 9, 2010

Notes from FTF Monday Night with Karl Black... what pieces of my heart have I not given to God and instead to someone else?

For a lot of Sunday Night, I was taking notes and taking in a great amount of information that is key in understanding a great and many things about the Salvation that God has provided for me. Last night, I was blown away with how much I had to look into my heart and see what was going on. What have I given my heart to? The illustration Karl used last night is powerful to me in this way: How many little pieces of our fragmented heart have we tried to give to other people or things and we should be giving them back to God?
Here are my notes:

Karl Black: Fanning the Flame Monday Night
Seeking God

Mystery behind the mystery- Parker Palmer - a frozen river

God never intended the brokenness that we feel in our lives. So now God wants to bring us back to His original question.

Wholeness is God's Agenda:
Jeremiah 29:11-13

Literal Hebrew Meanings:
1. For I know the plans-machashabah- thoughts, ideas, intentions
2. I have for you- chashab 'al - devise/invent together with you
3. Plans to prosper you- shalom- complete, wholeness - unbroken mirror
4. Not to harm you- ra'aah- injure/hurt- ranger and the turtle- when we go through things that are painful... In the details of my life you can't see me but i'm there...
5. To give you hope and a future- 'achariyth tiqvah- set in motion towards hope- movement towards something

Karl Black Translation:
"I want to participate with you in creating a new future, a future that will bring healing and wholeness to your life, not more fractures, and this participation between you and I will lead you continually into more hope! As you become more whole/complete you will search for me - then you will seek me with more of who you really are and you will begin to discover me to be present in the circumstances of your life."

Big point: It's all about the heart. God wants our heart back. We took it at the fall, Restoration is God working to show is why He needs to have our heart if we are to be completely whole.

Philippians 2 is is getting to know God's heart again... Allowing our heart to become more like God's.
Cute Guy Principle- Cause your brown bagging and he's buying-

Harmony with God is when we fully offer and give of our hearts to him... When we allow him to mold our hearts to his. Powerful right here!

Things begin to happen:
Less Anger
Less Lonliness
Less Anxiety

Slow transformation... But it is for a big plan.

What have I truly given my heart to? How do I know? Fruit inspector... You are the caretaker of my heart, you can give it to whomever or whatever you choose.

Restoration is waiting for you when you're ready to give God all your heart.

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