February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, Rob Blagojevich and why I am CALLED to forgive even Tiger Woods...and so are you.

Tiger Woods.
The current definition of Dynasty and Dominance.
Also, the current definition of infidelity and utter disregard for rules, laws and overall morality.

I have had an interesting time today watching some of the reaction to the Tiger Television Event of the Year, also known as, the Press Conference to end all Press Conferences. I would venture a guess that even the Clinton Congressional Confession didn't get this much press from so many different networks. But, I'm running into a very similar conundrum each time that I look at the way that people are reacting.

America is such a forgiving country, for the most part, when it comes to just about anything short of murder. Look at different people who have been through some of the things that they have in recent memory. William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, former adulterer, philanderer and all around unfaithful husband, is now one of the most respected lobbyists when it comes to foreign aid and rallying the American people to come behind the people of different countries. First, it was the Tsunmai victims followed by the victims of Hurricane Katrina and now the Earthquake in Haiti. People of America have forgiven the guy because of his willingness to air his dirty laundry out and "come clean" of the stuff that he had involved himself with.

Rob Blagojevich was the 40th governor of Illinois who decided that he was going to basically auction off a seat of the United States Senate. He was investigated, impeached and removed from office early in 2009. The guy apologized and is now going to make a bunch of money off a reality show. And people will watch. Lots of people will watch. And they will remember but they won't hold it against him that he did those things in 2009, because they will still watch.

Now, granted those are two starkly contrasting situations, but not when you apply it to Tiger's situation, because the result will still be the same. Tiger will come back. Tiger's foundation for kids, will remain intact and raise millions for kids that need education. And you know what, America will forgive him. They will forgive him by donating to the foundation and they will forgive him by boosting the PGA ratings when he plays again because they want to watch him play.

So, Christians, why do you find it ok in your hearts to hold a grudge with him? Why do you think that you get to decide how much Grace Tiger Woods gets here on earth? The fact is, not one person who says they follow Jesus, Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, the High Priest, the One Who is or calls themself Christian can call this guy out.

Jesus Christ would probably be walking beside Tiger.
Jesus Christ would tell all you Pharisees to pick up the stone if we haven't sinned.
Jesus Christ would have forgiven Tiger.

But isn't this what we do with so many other people in our lives? Those people who do unthinkable things? The ones who fly planes into Federal Buildings? The ones who are found to have played above the rules? The guy down the street who has the kid who just doesn't act right? Or the kid in school that you know is having sex with his girlfriend? Or the kid in school who had sex with his last girlfriend?

See this just messes with my mind and my heart. I am so quick to judge people when it comes to sexual sin and infidelity. I think that this is the norm with a lot of people inside of "Christendom." We make judgements about people and their situations without first reflecting on the Grace that we have been given. We don't deserve any of the things that God has given to us: Grace, Spiritual Gifts, Eternal Life. And we as Christians are called to live as if we have been given that Grace. So why do we separate that out from the people that are in our lives that have fallen or stumbled in a way that seems unthinkable or immoral?

*This post does not condone anything that Tiger Woods does with his life, however simply speaks to the situation that seems observable at this point in the discussion.

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