January 16, 2010

Some Reflections from a BUSY Saturday

Today, because of some illnesses on the staff I had to pull a bit of double duty. Thanks to the 2000 Buick Century that the church owns in addition to my newest hat, I was able to look like something out of a modern country western running back and forth from the church to the school. I began to recognize a couple of things:

1. I work with some of the best students..
Today, we had some variables to work through that we did not expect. At first, I was worried about the situation and my need to be around and yet my inability to be there at all times. It was on my first frantic drive back that I recognized that God is working in our students just as much as He is working in me and He's got them under control. Our students nailed it. Thanks to Nick Berkey, Nick Merriman, Tim Berkey, Abby Miller, Kayla Koontz, Spencer Dahlgren, Sydney Koontz, Amanda Yoder, Brant Nine, Caleb Yoder, Cody Cline, Brooke Fitch, Kaity McFarland, Carter Beebe, Kristen Schwenger, Brittany Lengacher, MacKensey Koontz, Heidi Morganthaler, Katherine Berkey, Taylor Fielstra, Sara Ivin, Austin Sanders, Katie Lengacher and Bethany Metzler for doing such a great job!

2. I need to lift the little things in prayer more often..
This came on the second frantic run back to the church (there were like 8 all told) and was really a big awakening. I don't bathe the little things in appropriate prayer as much as I should. Even the simple act of sharing a bit of an event that we are going to do for 8 minutes needs appropriate prayer. I think this changes my perspective on even the little things and my process for preparing for the little things.

3. I work on a great team...
Whether it is the rest of the Student Ministries Team or the whole church staff, God has blessed me to be where I am. I hope that I can continue to recognize just how blessed I am and not take that blessing for granted. 

Lots of stuff happened today at NMC. I pray that it was all for the glory of God. Amen.

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