December 18, 2009

Be Praying for These People...

Yesterday, our team that is heading to Mexico on their GI trip left for the airport around 3:45pm. They will be there for a number days doing many different forms of ministry and service. Amongst the team is the Weiss family. Dan and Katie are small group leaders in our Senior High and have taken their kids, Hannah and David with them. I am very excited to see how this helps transform their family and bring them closer together as they pursue Christ through this. Totally stoked that their whole family is on this trip.

Also on this trip is two of our seniors, Brant Nine and Katie Lengacher. The story behind Brant going on this trip is pretty sweet as well. You can ask him more about that if you want, but just know that there is someone in our awesome church congregation that sees something in this guy that they want to see in their kids. Not to mention the fact that he is a very passionate follower of Christ and one of the more cool guys around.

Katie has a great story of how missions and the desire to take God's truth to all nations has impacted her life. Katie has such a servant's heart and it shows up in many different aspects. Whether it is here in our office as an assistant to Kristy and Megan or in Africa and Mexico and who knows where else. Not only that, but Katie has begun to see the importance of serving the people right next to here at Northwood. I am pumped to hear about the stories that come from her experience in Mexico.

I plead with you to pray for these people and the entire team as they begin their work in El Millon. May it be a time of planting seeds for the church in Mexico, but also a time of perspective change for this team. I can't wait to hear what stories come out of this trip and the ways that God showed up in this team and how He used them for His glory. May it be great growth and a time of coming closer to God as they minister to people in El Millon.


Megan Rendall said...

you forgot katia. just saying. :)

Geoff Cocanower said...

Good catch... just added it... too bad it was a week late... but it's added... :)