November 23, 2009

Maniacal Monday Monologue (of sorts)

I've been reading the newest edition to the "book-ology" of Francis Chan, Forgotten God. Francis begins to ask the question that many in the American church have been asking, "Where is the Holy Spirit?" When we really look at our lives, where do we see the Holy Spirit, alive and active? I started the book a few months ago and due to many different situations and "life" interruptions, I put the book down for a season. However, last night, I picked it up again. I am convinced that this book will take me a bit to process through because I am already struck with the fact that perhaps, I don't see enough of the Holy Spirit present in my life. But, is that because I try to do things on my own or simply because I don't know, for myself, what the Holy Spirit looks like in my life. So, I have been challenged in only the first chapter of my new favorite read and feel it is a challenge for all of us as we process through each of our journey's toward Christ.

How is the Holy Spirit and it's presence in your life? Do you see Him regularly? How is your interaction with Him? Do you have a relationship with Him? Not "it" but Him? As I've begun to process through this, I've recognized that I basically seek the Holy Spirit out in my job as a pastor/intern. I consult the Spirit when I am working with students, prepping for a class or message, or simply working through a blog post. And I consider that a terribly misunderstanding and misuse of the Holy Spirit of GOD. I recognize a number of moments that I have allowed the Spirit of God to penetrate my private life, but I haven't given Him license to work in my life on a regular basis. What about you?

So for me that requires a more disciplined life that gives the Spirit of God the room to work in a daily way that changes the way that I look at my world. That requires me to take steps to put guidelines and parameters that make my life more disciplined in the areas that are most important. What steps do you need to take to see the Spirit of God come into your life more?


Amanda said...

I think you should read Francis Chans book 'Crazy Love'.

Geoff Cocanower said...

Thanks Amanda. I already have... great read.