January 10, 2009

New Year's Ponderings

So, here is the update that people are looking for ;)... I wouldn't want to go an entire year without posting and risk turning into Chris Lehane and not post for an entire year. I also am not quite as good at keeping up with my blog like Derry Prenkert.

But, I am trying to improve this as much as possible. So, this being the first post in the New Year, I figured I would just ramble a bit about my thoughts. I must say that these probably won't be very organized but at least they will be thoughts... :)

I have decided that I dislike the idea of "New Year's Resolutions" because of their lack of accountability and lack of realistic proportions. "I'm gonna lose 50 pounds this year." "I'm going to be on time." "I'm going to read through the entire Bible, twice." All of these lofty goals that have no definite timeline except to complete them by December 31. Interestingly enough, at some point, I have been the one to proclaim these desires and yet, I have yet to lose 50 pounds in my life, I am rarely, consistently, on time, and I have yet to read the entire Bible, once, in my lifetime. With that all said, I am coming up with something different and I plan to track some of these on this blog in order to continue to obtain some sort of accountability. Not necessarily with the people who read this blog, rather with myself and the ability to look back and see where I have come.

So this year, I propose 3 current commitments to complete by certain dates in order to accomplish a goal. They are not resolutions because I just can't stand the idea and at least a name change will make me feel better about the situation. So we will divide the year into quarters. It will be broken down into 4 quarters as follows:
Quarter #1--> Jan 1-March 31
Quarter #2--> April 1- June 31
Quarter #3--> July 1- September 31
Quarter #4--> October 1- December 31

I like these dates because they correspond with different points in the year that will be pivotal to the development of me as a person. So the first 3 commitments to complete by the end of Quarter #1:
1. Complete Loss of 25 pounds.
I think that this is reasonable. Going to take some work and a lot of discipline. However, this is the goal.
2. Job decisions made.
I feel like this is a good time to have the prospects down and have something figured out for the summer and possibly something for the next year.
3. Read through the Psalms, Proverbs, and Prophets
While I have always tried to get dedicated to the Word, I have never really taken myself seriously. I believe that this is a good place to start...

So that's it... It was exciting and it was provacative :) I will be posting later on my reactions to a couple of the experiences that I had over break and yesterday's visits to Riley's Hospital to check up on Kayla Courtney and Keri Rohr, two NMCer's that have a bit of a long road ahead. They are encouraged and pushing through...

more later.. time for some life...

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