April 9, 2010

Friday Five

Just a random Friday Five:

1. Baseball is back.
Long nights, somewhat painful evenings, and lots and lots of talking on my part for the next few months at the Cove. Come out and show some love! I may not always be able to spend time with you, but I will definitely say hey!

2. IMPACT: ____________ planning is coming along.
So the location isn't secured JUST YET, but retreat is in a week and preparations for that retreat are in high order! I'm so stoked for where God is leading this team. Now, if we could just get them stoked too... :)

3. Spring Break is almost over.
I don't know about you, but I love and thrive on the difficulties of laborious and tedious work. Why? Because, given the right focus, I think that we can learn so much more through those times about us and about God. It's in the monotonous that we find peace in Him and spending time with His people.

4. Spring Break is almost over.
At the same time that #3 is true, #4 is true as well. I was SUPPOSED to get a ton done on my credentialing stuff. That hasn't happened because of #2 and the stuff going on in Mexico. SO, that just means that I will have to hunker down and get stuff done in the next couple weeks (I have a self-imposed deadline of May 1 to turn in the application).

5. The IMPACT:Kenya team is coming back on Sunday.
I'm so pumped to hear this group's stories and experiences. They begin their debrief soon and will begin to process through the things that God is teaching them through their experiences. I'm so pumped for this team.

And now I leave you with this, AWESOME video :) Enjoy!

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